DA4541 Series AVM Free Wheeling Hubs 10 Spline – DA4541

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Series FREE WHEEL HUBS 10 Spline


Series FREE WHEEL HUBS can be fitted at our workshop


AVM freewheeling hubs serve as a robust, reliable, and superior substitute for the hubs originally installed on your vehicle.

They’re utilized to either connect or disconnect the front drive shaft assembly on part-time 4WD vehicles, but can also be retrofitted to permanent 4WD models with stationary hubs to prevent unnecessary differential spinning and the subsequent wear it incurs. They are also a very useful in the event that you break a front drive shaft on a Series vehicle. Simply disengage the front hubs, put your transfer box back in the 2WD position and you can then drive home.

Each front driveshaft’s outermost point has a splined section over which the new hubs inner drive member is fixed. Surrounding this is an outer drive member, which is linked to the wheel, with a clutch functioning as a separator. The clutch engagement is facilitated by slanted grooves cut within the freewheeling hub control knob on the exterior.

By shifting the knob from ‘4×2’ to ‘4×4’, the clutch is mobilized, causing the inner and outer drive member to interlock. For regular road use or driving on firm surfaces, activating 4WD is unnecessary, and the hubs should remain in the free state. However, if 4WD becomes necessary or is anticipated, the hubs should be switched to the ‘lock’ position.

Installing AVM hubs is straight forward and they come with a heat-treated steel clutch ring that guarantees flawless torque transmission. Made from materials resistant to corrosion, they ensure proper clutch ring positioning, with fully independent engage/disengage springs. AVM offers a comprehensive assortment of hubs and service kits compatible with most vehicle brands and models.