Landrover Rangerover Diagnostics

Diagnose you car's issues Quickly
We use the latest technology to diagnose your Land Rover / Range Rover quickly and efficiently. Autologic  is a state of the art system that quickly scans your vehicle to detect any problems,call in for a quick fault code read. Our cost-effective system could save you hundreds of pounds and tell you exactly what your car needs along with powerful knowledge when looking to get the best repair diagnosis.New for 2015 full genuine landrover diagnostic platform SDD and TOPIx so you get exactly the same diagnostics and support as the main dealers including online service history.

This is a brief overview of the Autologic Land Rover diagnostic platform. Autologic has the ability to perform diagnostics, coding, initialization and programming for all Land Rover vehicles. For more information on Autologic please contact us today. The Autologic platform will also allow performance tunes to be done on specific vehicle configurations.No DTC’s (diagnostic trouble codes) logged,we can analize component/system waveforms using PICOSCOPE automotive ocsilliscopes,essential for intermittent faults or frustrating battery drains.

Watch this YouTube video to see just how clever this platform is!