Waxoyl Professional

We are Waxoyl fans which is why we use the trade only Waxoyl Professional cavity and hardwax. It is recognised as the premier product to prevent rust and corrosion, especially in automotive applications where vehicles are run on salt covered roads or in a hostile environment. The Waxoyl Professional Product was originally developed by Waxoyl founder Allen Forster for trade use only, it had never previously been available in the UK. It is not a DIY product.

For more about Waxoyl from the manufactuerers who supply us see www.waxoyl.com .

Waxoyl Professional is unusual for being superb at controlling rust on older vehicles. Waxoyl soaks into rust and is capable of pretty much stopping it dead. In doing so even a vehicle with established rust can have its lifespan extended by many years.

WAXOYL Professional 120-4 Cavity Protection

Prevents corrosion from flourishing in where the eye cannot see it. It is in this treatment that you must be sure you trust who you are working with as it needs skill and patience to get it right every time. Waxoyl’s water-repellent additives and high performance inhibitors offer long-term protection against corrosion.

Atomised as a fine mist through existing openings in the car body with the help of specially customised tools and using a professional spray manual. We hate drilling! Also gets to hard-to-reach spots without difficulty, thanks to its good penetration. Reaches the smallest crevices, corners and cavities. The wax based product offers long-lasting adherence and forms a clear, water- resistant, highly flexible protective film.

Will not restrict or plug water drain holes. Protects metal components in engine compartment and boot, on doors and door sills.

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