Performance Upgrades

Increase HP, Reduce Fuel Consumption
When it comes to upgrading your Land Rover, the options are limitless just like our parts menu. One of our specialist areas for upgrading is ECU Mapping, that’s why we’ve teamed up with Dynachip, one of the UK’s leading ECU Mapping Specialists.

Dynachip have a real passion in providing honest, reliable ECU remapping and engine tuning to suit your needs. Based in the North West they are constantly investing in all the latest technology for engine tuning and diagnostics. They even have their own in house rolling road to test and develop tuned remapping files for all makes of cars, vans, and trucks.

Read below for the benefits of ECU Remapping, in summary our tuning process can increase the Horse Power of any Land Rover, whilst reducing fuel consumption. In the long term our tune up system could save you Thousands, whilst providing you with a greater road experience. Contact with our technicians today for a free no obligation assessment and find out just how much we could improve your vehicles performance.

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Why Remap?
ECU’s were first introduced back in the 1980’s as a supposedly more efficient method of controlling engine fuelling, ignition timing, and emissions. The problem lies in the fact that all new cars have to undergo ‘Type Approval’, and part of this is getting the car through the ‘Urban Driving Cycle’ tests. Remote from European driving conditions these tests are based on a simulated trip around Los Angeles with the resulting noxious gases collected in a bag for testing. For example, the car has to cope with poor fuel quality, hot, dry and dusty environments and at the same time still provide reliability and economy. In order to meet these stringent requirements, modern day engines are now virtually detuned to pass the test. As a result the car never performs as well as it is mechanically built for, resulting in hesitancy and flat spots. Taking this in to consideration it leaves masses of room for an engineer to re-tune the car to vastly improve both economy and performance without infringing any emissions regulations.

How is it Done?

All modern cars built after 1996 are fitted with an OBD II diagnostic socket situated under the dashboard close to the pedals as standard, it is this socket that is utilized to remap your car. DYNACHIP starts this remapping process firstly by identifying the ECU type in the vehicle and the software version and any upgrades that may have been installed. The data is then copied using our reading equipment and an original copy saved in case you may want to restore your vehicle to its original settings any time in the future. This takes anything up to 20 minutes to download and save the dataset.

Once the original data has then been remapped with the help of our sophisticated engine management software, we re-save the new performance file which is then uploaded back on to the vehicle. The whole process takes approximately One hour and can be carried out at your home or place of work. Following completion of the tuning process we then ask you to road test the vehicle to make sure you are happy with the work carried out.

Landrover Rangerover Diagnostics

Diagnose you car's issues Quickly

Land Rover Diagnostic Services

We use the latest technology to diagnose your Land Rover / Range Rover quickly and efficiently.

Land Rover Diagnostic Services in Deeside north Wales and are easy to reach from all over the north west.

Autologic  is a state-of-the-art system that quickly scans your vehicle to detect any problems. Call in for a quick fault code read.

Our cost-effective system could save you hundreds of pounds and tell you exactly what your car needs along with powerful knowledge when looking to get the best repair diagnosis.

New for 2015 full genuine Land Rover diagnostic platform SDD and TOPIX so you get exactly the same diagnostics and support as the main dealers including online service history.

This is a brief overview of the Autologic Land Rover diagnostics platform. Autologic can perform diagnostics, coding, initialization, and programming for all Land Rover vehicles. For more information on Autologic please contact us today. The Autologic platform will also allow performance tunes to be done on specific vehicle configurations. No DTC’s (diagnostic trouble codes) logged, we can analyse component/system waveforms using PICOSCOPE automotive ocsilliscopes,essential for intermittent faults or frustrating battery drains.

Watch this YouTube video to see just how clever this platform is!

Landrover Rangerover Servicing

We can take a look under the hood

[one half]Serving North Wales, Cheshire and Wirral and all the surrounding towns.

We have the ability to service all types of Land Rover at well below main dealer prices.

Our reputation has been for over Thirty Years of working relentlessly on one make. This is to ensure our reputation is the best in North Wales and Cheshire.

Our customer testimonials will back this up.

We service all types of Land Rovers including:

  • DEFENDER 200/300, Td5, (2.4 Puma & 2.2Tdci)
  • RANGE ROVER (Sport / Evoque/Velar)
  • FREELANDER (1 & 2)
  • DISCOVERY (1,2,3,4,5, and sport)

If your Land Rover is in warranty remember, we can still service it.

Genuine Land Rover parts are used along with genuine SDD diagnostics/ TOPIX dealer workshop information and manuals with  specialist Land Rover oils where required.

We use genuine Land rover TOPIX service schedules for all procedures, and you will get a printed genuine service check sheet to compliment your service history.

We are registered for genuine land rover online service history for all the latest models.

All service books can be stamped as we are a VAT registered company with over thirty years of servicing Land Rovers behind us.

For the older Land Rovers, we have our own tailor-made service schedule that is suited to their age.

This is our forte which we have developed from our love of Land Rovers.

If your Land Rover needs that extra attention, then we could hire you a defender 0r discovery, so you are not left without a dependable 4×4.


Competitive Servicing for Land Rovers

Race Rally Preparation Fabrication and Repair

Be prepared to win with LandRanger Deeside

Be prepared to win with LandRanger Deeside. We have first hand experience in the off-road racing world so we know what works and what doesn’t.

From novice to serious enthusiast, we can help you win.We can help build or maintain your car with the use of the best associated companies in the off road race business.

Typical additions and modifications include:

  • Power upgrade/engine dyno work
  • Roll cage/space frames build and repair service to FIA specification for all race/rally/off road cars
  • Yamaha YXZ1000r Race Preparation and Performance Parts
  • Mud or All Terrain tyres on suitable wheels/beadlocks
  • Preparation and Presentation of ROPS in CAD  to MIRA for certification
  • Damper set up/revalve/re-gas/ springs and race suspension components in chromoly and t45
  • Custom fabrication/mig,tig,alloy or steel
  • New for 2016,we are excited about contending the MSA British Cross Country Championships in the all new Yamaha YXZ1000r and will be modifying and tuning one to Msa blue book specification.
  • Roll cages, seats, upgraded steering and a comprehensive range of race products designed to help you win. For advice and an informal chat about your plans and requirements, give us a call on the number above.

Professional Body Shop

Accident to Repair Body Shop Experts

LandRanger Deeside are experienced if your Land Rover should sustain accidental damage and it is important that it is repaired correctly. Our repair experts have fixed to showroom standard all current and previous Land Rover Models from 1954 including:

  • Defender
  • Discovery
  • Freelander
  • Range Rover
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Evoque

Whilst some insurance companies may want you to use repairers recommended by them, the choice is yours. And the better solution is always an experience Land Rover Body Repair Centre, should as our own. We have rigorous standards for quality and service – this ensures not only the quality of workmanship (guaranteed for 3 years by the approved Body Repair Centre), but also that your 6-year anti-corrosion warranty and 3-year/ 100 000km vehicle warranty and Care Plans are retained. Furthermore, the use of a non approved body shop could compromise your vehicle’s warranty and Care Plan. All important factors to take into account when making your repairer choices.

The Highest Standard of Service
We are always committed to providing a high quality service. You will be given a completion date for all work and receive a report on progress as the work is carried out. Your Land Rover will also be valeted before it is returned to you.

Land Rover Approved Parts
Our parts department will always have available genuine Land Rover Parts and materials that you can insist they use. These parts and materials are the same as those on which your insurance rating and premium were originally based, so your insurer should approve of your choice too. To fit these parts we also use only the very latest tools and specialist equipment, along with factory trained technicians, to maintain Land Rovers exacting standards.

Free Estimates
All estimates are based on parts, systems and repair procedures that are approved by both the insurers and Land Rover.

Land Rover Restorations

Custom Specification, Custom Build

Neil Davey formed Land ranger Deeside 4×4 in 1986 and has been working on the ultimate defender ever since.

His Land Rover Restorations Defenders are the real thing.

How they used to be in the good old days, no complicated electronics!

The original idea was to take the Land Rover back to basics, make it easy to work on and eliminate all the corrosion issues that the defender has in the UK.

Neil starts every single rebuild by stripping a perfectly good vehicle down to every component and starting again.

One thing you can notice about Neil’s Defenders is how they shine from within.

Every steel part on each donor vehicle is galvanised to stop corrosion . Chassis , doors, axles, bulkhead, body capping’s.

Bumpers and even body supports and brackets are hot-dipped in plating.

Once the galvanised parts come back to the workshop and Neil starts building the axles up using new internals, a very shiny rolling chassis starts to take shape.

Even the brakes’ internals are stripped out and replaced with stainless pistons.

We use stainless clips to secure the cupro-nickel brake line to the galvanised chassis.

A new galvanised bulkhead is used fitted with stainless nuts and bolts.

All our Land Rover Restorations Defender projects are built to the exact customer specification.

You can choose to use diesel or petrol, V8 or Gas conversion, the choice is yours!

The one thing you can be sure of is that every component is stripped out and replaced as new with genuine parts.

You can choose which engine to use you can choose a manual or auto gearbox and expect nothing less than perfection.

Wheel Alignment Service

Expert 4x4 Alignment

Land Rover Range Rover wheel alignment Wheel Alignment Service

Using PRO-ALIGN Live Wheel Alignment service. During the 4 wheel alignment procedure the technician will approach each vehicle and discuss with the customer regarding load. tyre type and condition, and vehicle handling characteristics to establish if there are any problems that may exist with the vehicle. We check/adjust caster,camber,toe front and rear.

An incorrectly set 4 wheel alignment can cause many problems:

• Adverse tyre wear
• Tyre noise when cornering
• Steering pull
• Self-centering problems
• Steering unbalance and wander
• Fuel economy

Worn or damaged mechanical components can cause tyre wear or impact the vehicles handling. Wherever possible the technician will attempt to identify if any components are damaged or worn, and will recommend replacement or repair prior to adjusting the wheel alignment or geometry. Possible issues could be incorrect tyre pressures, incorrect tyre fitment, track rod condition, worn ball joints, worn wheel bearings, worn steering components, damaged suspension parts and possible body or chassis issues.

Tyre Fitting

Damage Free Alloys

Fitting Tyres with zero Damage to Alloys

Land Rover Tyre Fitting at Land Ranger Deeside. All are staff are trained to an excellent standard.

So, you can rest assured that your wheels and tyres on your land rover will be kept in an great condition whilst in our safe hands.

We will always recommend if we think your vehicle will benefit from any new tyres that we recommend.

Your tyre choice will be chosen from what you use your vehicle for.

Land Rover Tyre Fitting in our service centre

There are many different types of tyres on the market.

Do you just use on the road, or do you do a lot of off-road driving?

Whether you have factory fitted Land Rover alloys or bespoke custom-made alloys.

When it comes to changing the tyres, your beautiful alloys are not scratched or damaged in the process.

That is why here at  Land Ranger Deeside we have invested in the right equipment to ensure your alloys leave in the same condition as when they arrived.

We use the innovative minds at the engineering giants at Hoffman .

Who have designed a “lever-less” tire changer that prevents damage and scratches to Alloys.

Land Rover Tyre Fitting YouTube video for more