Land Rover Restorations

Custom Specification, Custom Build

Neil Davey formed Land ranger Deeside 4×4 in 1986 and has been working on the ultimate defender ever since.

His Land Rover Restorations Defenders are the real thing.

How they used to be in the good old days, no complicated electronics!

The original idea was to take the Land Rover back to basics, make it easy to work on and eliminate all the corrosion issues that the defender has in the UK.

Neil starts every single rebuild by stripping a perfectly good vehicle down to every component and starting again.

One thing you can notice about Neil’s Defenders is how they shine from within.

Every steel part on each donor vehicle is galvanised to stop corrosion . Chassis , doors, axles, bulkhead, body capping’s.

Bumpers and even body supports and brackets are hot-dipped in plating.

Once the galvanised parts come back to the workshop and Neil starts building the axles up using new internals, a very shiny rolling chassis starts to take shape.

Even the brakes’ internals are stripped out and replaced with stainless pistons.

We use stainless clips to secure the cupro-nickel brake line to the galvanised chassis.

A new galvanised bulkhead is used fitted with stainless nuts and bolts.

All our Land Rover Restorations Defender projects are built to the exact customer specification.

You can choose to use diesel or petrol, V8 or Gas conversion, the choice is yours!

The one thing you can be sure of is that every component is stripped out and replaced as new with genuine parts.

You can choose which engine to use you can choose a manual or auto gearbox and expect nothing less than perfection.