Wheel Alignment Service

Expert 4x4 Alignment

Land Rover Range Rover wheel alignment Wheel Alignment Service

Using PRO-ALIGN Live Wheel Alignment service. During the 4 wheel alignment procedure the technician will approach each vehicle and discuss with the customer regarding load. tyre type and condition, and vehicle handling characteristics to establish if there are any problems that may exist with the vehicle. We check/adjust caster,camber,toe front and rear.

An incorrectly set 4 wheel alignment can cause many problems:

• Adverse tyre wear
• Tyre noise when cornering
• Steering pull
• Self-centering problems
• Steering unbalance and wander
• Fuel economy

Worn or damaged mechanical components can cause tyre wear or impact the vehicles handling. Wherever possible the technician will attempt to identify if any components are damaged or worn, and will recommend replacement or repair prior to adjusting the wheel alignment or geometry. Possible issues could be incorrect tyre pressures, incorrect tyre fitment, track rod condition, worn ball joints, worn wheel bearings, worn steering components, damaged suspension parts and possible body or chassis issues.